Trainman in partnership with IRCTC let you Book Train Tickets Easily. It is a one-stop solution for Booking Train Tickets online, for checking PNR status and predicting Ticket confirmation status before booking. We are the highest rated booking app on Playstore for Booking Train tickets and Prediction of waiting for tickets with 95 per cent accuracy. One can easily look for trains between stations and get to book tickets based on train classes. People can also enquire about other Rail services such as train schedule and running status which helps passengers in planning their railway journey. After booking your Trains at Trainman, you can come back to check your PNR status for getting to know the confirmation status. Trainman uses Predictive analysis for accurately predicting the PNR status. You can easily get to know your confirmation chances.

Trainman is the guy you count on when it comes to Indian Railways. It is an effort to provide train related intelligence in making your decisions while planning your train journeys. It goes beyond the common notion of berth availability in trains and guides you further even if berths are not available. For now, Trainman tells you whether to book a waiting ticket or not, by giving you chances of confirmation in that train. It also allows you to compare waiting tickets of various trains. Trainman also gives you confirmation chances of an already booked ticket.

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