TeaDarzi® a Tea Brand owned by IEQUE INC having its registered office at Electronic City, Bangalore set its foot in the ever-growing Tea Café business in the year

2019 with its flagship Café at Electronic City, Bangalore. TeaDarzi® stood the test of time and not just survived but managed to flourish during these difficult times. In a span of two years we have grown enormously.

‘Chai’ which can be can easily be coined as the comfort drink of India and is a lot more than just a hot liquid in a cup. The ‘Desi Chai’ for all Tea lovers is a wholesome experience of culture, tradition and flavours and to revolutionize the way chai is consumed and served in India, we present to you TeaDarzi®

TeaDarzi® as the brand speaks for itself tailor makes its tea leaves with an infusion of freshly picked leaves from the valleys of Assam, Nilgiris and Darjeeling to bring to you a unique and wholesome experience.

In recent years there’s been a tremendous development in the chai industry. The “chai space” in India is worth over $30 billion.

Owing to the huge market size there is great investor traction in this space and opportunity to create a multi-billion-dollar enterprise in this space. According to BBC news India consumes 8,37,000 tonnes of TEA per annum. Despite hundreds of elegant coffee places around, our desi chai is “Irreplaceable”.

But this arena of business is completely unorganized with no sophisticated place to have Tea and at a reasonable price too. Though Tea is the top selling and most consumed beverage in India but still it lacks a befitting space where it can be served.

Also, with the recent global changes with the Pandemic and people’s concerns for hygiene and safety we further upgraded our products and services to make sure people don’t miss out on these life experiences and can still enjoy that cup of tea with no fear. So, we introduced our 3cs to make sure we reach out to you at your convenience whether it is at our cafes, carts or our corporate deliveries.

So, grabbing this market opportunity and tapping on this need of the hour we have entered into this arena of TEA outlet business.

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