Our Mission is to contribute and grow alongside our customers in India. We bring our 30 years of experience in Lithium-ion and Automation field, from South Korea, which we want to share with our customers in India. So we have been entrusted by our customer to provide reliable solutions to them.

It has been for a long time now, but let me emphasize it again – our key strategy has always been providing solutions based on the market requirement, which is now shifting towards reducing Carbon footprint while contributing to the environment.

We pride ourselves on being the customer’s first choice because we support them as a partner; someone who’ll help their Company to flourish – which is also our mission. While, when it comes to ethics and integrity, we believe there can be no compromises, no excuses!

Dr. Jun Hyun Jin
Managing Director

Our Company

Semyung was founded in Seoul, South Korea, three decades ago, in 1992. In the initial years, Semyung started as an importer of State-of-the Art machinery technology from the USA and Germany for Korean industries, especially in the fields of Lithium Battery, OLED and IT.

With the help of strong growth that was achieved from the Battery and LED business, Semyung had decided to invest in R & D and to expand their business lines in order to meet the market needs of overseas countries, covering all IT related Network and Communication products.

After setting up their Head Office in India, Semyung formed strategic partnerships with leading Korean organizations that have built their expertise in the fields of Telecommunications, Bank Automation, Security Solutions and Control Systems by providing value for money products, services and solutions.

Semyung has diversified its product portfolio over the last 15 years by adding precision filling, broadcasting, and automation equipment as well as becoming a complete Turnkey-Solution expert for Li-ion battery manufacturing.

Semyung has therefore gathered and trained their panel of experts in the field of Automation and Lithium-ion Batteries, to become a leader in its field of Technology and Manufacturing.

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