ScrapingExpert is the best Facebook scraper online on the market. It’s fast, efficient, and easy to use. With ScrapingExpert, you can quickly gather data from Facebook pages and groups. With ScrapingExpert, you can quickly and easily scrape data from Facebook pages and groups. That means you can get all the juicy information without having to wade through the rest of the noise. ScrapingExpert is perfect for marketing research, lead generation, and any other task that requires data from Facebook. Call us now!

ScrapingExpert offers a great set of ‘Off the Shelf’ Web Data Extraction Software to Scrape Web Data for Business purpose. The ready Data Extraction Tools are created for specific business needs pertaining to Data like ‘Data of Target Audience for Sales, Marketing & Sourcing’, ‘Data of Competition & their Products for Competitor Research’, ‘Product Pricing of Competition for Pricing Strategy’ And ‘Data of Vendors for selection’

These can be called Web Scrapers or Scraping Tools, Web Bots, Web Grabbers, Screen Scrapers, Data Scraping Solutions or anything you like. For us, they must deliver you the Web Data you require without any hassle.


LinkedIn Data Extractor
Google Maps Data Extractor
Yellow Pages Data Extractor
Facebook Data Extractor
Twitter Data Extractor
Yelp Data Extractor
Super Pages Data Extractor
Web Directories Scraper
Social Media Site Scraper
Job Websites Scraper
Search Engines & SEO Scraper
Lead Data Extraction Tool
Event Websites Scraper
Membership Directories Scraper


Amazon Data Extractor
EBay Data Extractor
TripAdvisor Data Extractor
Auto Trader Scraper
EBay Motors Scraper
Ecommerce Websites Scraper
Hotel & Travel Websites Scraper
Classifieds Websites Scraper
Real Estate Websites Scraper


Amazon Scraping Tool
Ebay Scraping Software
TripAdvisor Scraping Tool
Ecommerce Websites Data Extractor
Hotel & Travel Websites Data Extractor
Search Engines Data Scraper
Classifieds Website Data Extractor
Real Estate Website Data Extractor
Membership Directories Data Extractor


LinkedIN Scraping Tool
Yellow Pages Scraping Tool
Yelp Scraping Software
Super Pages Scraping Tool
Amazon Scraping Software
Ebay Scraping Tool
TripAdvisor Scraping Software
Auto Trader Scraping Software
Gumtree Data Extractor
Ebay Motors Data Extractor
Web Directories Data Scraper
Social Media Data Extractor
Classifieds Scraping Software

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ScrapingExpert is an ‘Off the Shelf’ Web Data Extraction tool for Scraping Data from the web related to Prospects, Price, Competition & Vendors for specific business purposes.

ScrapingExpert is a One-Stop-Destination for any kind of Product/Solution/Service Sellers in need of Data for business, like, Data of Target Audience for Sales & Marketing; Data of Competitor & their Products for Competitor Research; Data of Competitor Product Price for Pricing Strategy And Data of Vendors for selection & raw material supply.

The benefits of using ScrapingExpert includes having a single place to purchase products for your Data needs. While being an Off the Shelf product decreases the go live time in addition to automation reducing human errors & more information in less time. The idea is to keep on creating the Best Web Scraping Software.

Using ScrapingExpert Products; the Sales, Marketing & Recruitment can fetch Contact Information of Target Audience or Prospects as per Area, Industry, Offering & specific Keywords. While Researching ScrapingExpert Products can be used to identify Competitors in specific area, for specific products, their contact information, their product information, their offerings, reviews & ratings. ScrapingExpert Products can also be used by Pricing Research Team to fetch latest Product wise pricing of competitors for their own Pricing Strategy. While the Procurement Team shall successfully utilize ScrapingExpert Products to extract Vendor contact information for a specific service, raw material or product.

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Aruhat has been covered in the Latest July 2015 edition of Silicon India Magazine Issue, as one of the Best Companies to Work for.

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Best Software Product Company Gold Award

Aruhat Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has won The Best Software Product Company Gold Award at GESIA 7th Annual Awards for Excellence , 2014.

Aruhat has been recognized for the competency demonstrated for TeleOSS, suite of products for MVAS delivery and highly satisfied client across the globe. Aruhat facilitates the reliable service delivery and technology agnostic platform to result in improved delivery throughput, lower TCO and improved customer experience.

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Aruhat Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Company. ISO 9000 is the internationally recognized series of quality management system standards issued to date in 180 countries. Certification is especially important to our strategic business plan as we continue to expand our efforts to compete in the online global marketplace.

With this prestigious certification, our clients can be assured and confident to work with a company providing quality in services that have been internationally recognized. Our long established policies, comprehensive quality controls, product and project processes with detailed record keeping has helped in the building of this program.

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