Manufacturer and supplier Dished Ends, Boiler Ends, Pressure vessels Head, Tank Head, Plate bend, Cones

Dished – Ends (Single Piece /petals) :- Diameter upto 5000 MM in single piece :- up to any diameter in petals :- thickness upto 40 MM

Leading manufacturer and supplier of dishend (from 200mm to 5000mm and thickness upto 40mm) Tanks and Pressure vessels, Reactor Vessels, Kettle, Storage Tank, Septic or Sewer Tank, Tank with conical head, Filter and all fabrication services as per customer requirements.

1. Torispherical Dish End
2. Hemispherical Dish End
3. Boiler Tank Dish End
4. Elliptical Dish End
5. Ellipsoidal Dish End
6. Crown Petal
7. Oval Dish End
8. Heavy Cone
9. Any Pressing customized job as per requirement

Good place for Dished Ends Fabrication – Ravi Yadav 099102 40726

Quality work and timely delivered. – Ved Prakash

Good place for dishend manufacturing – Ritu Singh

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