Pixlogix Infotech is an Award-Winning WordPress Web Design Agency that makes user-friendly, highly functional and professional WordPress websites for clients worldwide. Our dedicated Best WordPress developers and designers utilize the most advanced tools to provide end-to-end WordPress services.

Pixlogix Infotech has a keen ability to deliver innovative web solutions using cutting-edge WordPress technology. As a leading custom best WordPress development company in the United States, we create customized websites that meet all of your business objectives. We offer result-oriented WordPress website development services, WordPress cms development services, and custom WordPress development services.

We provide our services worldwide at affordable prices with 100% client satisfaction and are ready to help our clients boost their productivity, proficiency, and workflow. Being a developing pioneer in the IT industry, We are leading in the web design industry since 2007 and have completed 7600+ projects yet. Our expert team provides you with next-generation services and solutions.

Since 2007, Pixlogix has been at the forefront of delivering digital solutions to clients all over the world. Now we’re not only one of the leading Website Design and Development service providers, but we have grown from our modest roots into a diverse digital marketing partner for our clients. About our growth is fueled by our people, a team with never give up attitude. We are not just striving to do good, we set our sights on greatness and refuse to be satisfied with anything less. This is a motivating factor for us.

Our creative solutions – Website Design, Development, Online Marketing, and Branding Services – have helped thousands of our clients to achieve their business goals. With the client base in USA, UK, Asia, and Netherland, we are GROWING!!!

Searching for top web design and development companies in India? Pixlogix is an award-winning web design & development agency in India. We specialize in developing high performing websites for small, mid-market to enterprise businesses.

Connect with Samir Bhimbha

Founder & CEO

Samir Bhimbha began his career as a freelance website designer and developer. He has hands of expertise in UI / UX Design, Front-end Services, Responsive HTML5, CSS3, jQuery. Also Best in WordPress, Magento, Joomla and PHP. With fourteen (14) years of unique designing skills, project management experience, Samir secured several long-enduring customer relationships that were the catalyst for the founding of PIXLOGIX. Since its founding, Samir has lead the PIXLOGIX team while serving a wide variety of clients that includes many small businesses, IT professionals, web design studios, web consultancies, and large corporations as well. As Managing Director, Samir has placed special emphasis on individual client business objectives, security, privacy, and costs by focusing on continuous improvements in technologies and technical skills.

Our core values

Focus on “Delivering The Best” to client and all else will follow!

Easily Approachable

We don’t want our clients or partners to feel intimated and thus, we wish to establish “Trust” in our clients about our work. We are approachable when our clients or partners wish complete their complex tasks on time and within their budget!

More Creative

We do understand that majority of the digital agencies are claiming to be creative and to differentiate from them, we have fueled creativity with our passion and inspiration to deliver solutions suitable for your business and brand and that too without hampering your budget.

Being Authentic

in today’s fiercely competitive market, establishing a strong brand that consumers can trust is more important. Therefore, to help you distinguish your brand successfully with reflection of what you are and what you care about.

Stands Evolutionary

We are EVOLUTIONARY! When we say that, we believe that our team is adaptive to current conditions. This means we care about your audience and help you make necessary changes to survive, thrive and address their needs.

We’re Future Planners

In parallel with the innovation, we are also focusing heavily on future proofing for you! Technology is changing consistently and therefore; we practice on implementing latest technologies and implementation methodologies for all your solutions.

Adapting Professionalism

While it may feel that professionalism word can be applied to anyone, we believe that having a professionalism helped us gaining great value! Our clients appreciated us for being professional and committed to the delivery.

Proud to be Consistent

We never disappoint our clients or their enthusiasm of getting digital solutions by compromising our way of working. We have delivered exceptional results being consistent and therefore, our clients never doubt on our capabilities and expertise!

Being “Disruptive”

In today’s fast-paced world, simply being innovative is not going to help, you must become disruptive! When it comes to providing digital solution, Pixlogix is disrupting a whole industry with its novel solutions with a right mixture of talent and innovation!

We’re Trustworthy

We know how important it is to build a strong relationship with the partners and clients. And trust is paramount in any relation, specifically when we are talking about business. We are building a trustworthy culture to grow clients and customer relationships!

Our process for website design & development

Unlike other Web Design agencies, we are not going to discuss what and how we do! No doubt we offer the best designs and development solutions, but what makes us different from the rest of the others is our approach! “Design for HUMAN” – that’s what we believe in when start designing for any client! Instead of glue to any specific method or process, we believe in a customized approach when it comes to delivering web design and development services!

Starting from client engagement, wireframes, and design to technical delivery and support, we follow the process that is suitable for our client.

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