Happy Cows

When we talk about “Happy Cows,” It’s a holistic approach to nourish them. India needs to upgrade the cattle husbandry & herd management. And we’ve started enhancing and nurturing the breed for a long-term and better sustainability. Every Cow has her own Emotional, Physical, Mental & Medical needs. At Astha Dairy Farm, We’ve followed the program called “Cow Care” at our farm.

We feed nutritious fodder to cows on time every day, along with classical flute music. Cows stay calm & relaxed due to this music. The Milk from happy cows is naturally sweet and brings positive vibes into your family.

Special A2 COWS

We’re very finicky about choosing the cows. We’ve Holstein Fresian A2 Cows and also our native Gir Cows from Girnar. We’ve multiple pre-tests and 100s of parameters before welcoming Cow at our farm. Bringing Healthy cows is the very first important step towards the best quality of Milk.

What if you’re asked to eat the same thing 365 days, Non-Stop?

Cows indeed love a variety of food just like us. We can’t eat any food straight away for a week, even though it’s our favorite. Same way, we feed cows a lot of seasonal and nutritious fodder like beetroots, soya hulls, corn & other mixture of silage. This keeps cows healthy & happy, and it also adds seasonal nutritional values in the Milk, we supply.

Natural & Nutritional Milk

At Astha Dairy Farm, We practice 100% untouched milking process, which is safe, hygiene, and pain-free for cows. We feed cows accordingly and strive to get natural vitamins & minerals in Milk. That’s why Milkmor’s Milk is rich in nutrition, texture, taste & freshness.

Happy Cows = Happy Milk = Happy Subscribers.

What we express here is just a tip of the iceberg from what we do at our Astha Dairy Farm for our happy cows. From Scrub massage, pedicure, natural grazing, temperature control, hygiene, mist fans, movement space, sunlight time, shower time, medication, etc.

The cows aren’t just cattle, they’re family members because they play with us, they’re adorable, they love back, and they give us the most energetic drink of the world.

A Love from a Mother to a Mother.

We don’t respect this kind of nectar to humanity. Milk is priceless, as a cow’s Milk has immense emotions and power apart from nutrition. The Mother Cows give the Milk, and this natural nectar is hygienically packed in bottles and delivered to the mothers in various cities by our own distribution team. The mothers provide the glass of this Milk to their children with immense faith, acceptance & positivity. That’s how Milkmor ensures that love travels from a mother to mother.

Our Loving Cow Mom’s Pleasing at Astha dairy farm.

It’s needless to say that every cow is special to us and we don’t tie them. They’re allowed to move around, scrub themselves, drink water and gossip with their neighbors. We’ve customized and welcomed the special cows at Astha Dairy farm so that we can provide you a premium A2 Cow Milk in Ahmedabad distributed to our premium consumers by Milkmor brand’s own supply chain. The Certified process and international automated standard machines allows us to fill all the benefits of farm fresh milk in the bottle. Wait a minute, also this process ensures the lowest somatic cell count and total bacterial count which ensures a good digestion to children and protects from intestinal inflammations.

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