Mangrove India introduces a new variety of sanitary pads. Best biodegradable pads napkins for women. Made from natural rice, corn and tomato with super absorbent technology.

Mangrove Naturezaa India successfully promotes and directs green business initiatives while building outstanding relationships with the general public to foster environmental awareness and understanding.

Our motivation is driven by the sole purpose of delivering goodness to the world. Our vision is to create a healthier and happier world. The Organic products that we deliver ensure the safety of the skin and intimate areas, removing the possibility of catching any dangerous disease.

Mangrove Naturezaa India believes in organic products that maintain your health, hygiene and are better for a planet too. Designed to be loved for life to maintain hygiene for babies and women. Our product categories are from infants to women that help to reduce waste and save the environment.

  • India’s first safe & certified sanitary pads
  • Made with natural fibers tested to be free from all harmful chemicals
  • Provide highest levels of quality and safety to our consumers
  • Offer superior and comfortable protection
  • Maintain a spirit that always seeks out innovation.
  • Outstanding comfort and protection
  • Skillful and competent workforce with 24×7 monitoring of the production.

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