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Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration is a Legal Term of Intellectual property. Trademark is a Logo/Name/Brand that a company or person uses to differentiate the product and services from the competitors. Trademark can be a name, logo, symbol, or combination of all these. A Trademark represents the brand of a particular product or service. By registering your trademark you can restrict others to using the same without your authorization. You are the Legal owner of that Logo/Name/Symbol/Brand after registering that under the trademarks act.

Trademark Renewal

Trademark acts as a distinguisher between the goods or services that are offered from other similar goods or services from a different business. However, it is necessary to renew trademark registration as it is has a validity of 10 years. Trademark registration renewal can be done beginning from 6 months before the date of the expiry. A notice for trademark renewal is sent before the date of expiry.

Trademark Objection

Trademark objection happens to be one of the initial stages in the Trademark registration process. Trademark objection does not mean a straight denial; instead, the trademark registrar seeks a valid reason or explanation about the mark and registration. An opportunity is given to the applicant to explain how the said trademark fits the criteria to avail valid registration.

Copyright Registration

Copyright is the right of ownership entitled to literature, drama, music, artworks, sound recordings, etc. Copyright registration grants a bundle of rights that comprise rights to reproduction, communication to the public, adaptation, and translation of the work. Registering a Copyright ensures certain minimum safeguards of the rights of ownership and enjoyment of the authors over their creations, which protects and rewards creativity.

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