We have grown organically to 5 products, 240+ team members and serving over 2000+ customers across the world.
How it all started
“Necessity is the mother of invention”.

This proverb will fit a majority of the start-up stories and we are not any different.

Our Founder, Saravana Kumar after 10 years of working as a software consultant in London identified a gap in the availability of necessary tools in the market when it comes to managing and monitoring Microsoft BizTalk Server environments.

In 2010, he was attending a Microsoft conference in Redmond, Washington and he floated an idea with fellow technology enthusiasts. After returning, he spent a year building the initial version.

At the same conference, the following year (2011), he demonstrated what he had built and everyone was blown away seeing the potential of the product.

He received a lot of feedback, fine tuned the product and finally launched it in June 2011 as BizTalk360 which is our first product.

Within a couple of weeks, he received the first order from Hong Kong. Slowly but steadily the company started to grow organically.

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