Jumac is primarily known as Sliver Cans, Spinning Cans & Accessories manufacturer and a major exporter in India. Jumac was founded in early 1974, since Jumac’s establishment we deliver cans and accessories catering to the Jute and Textile industry. Jumac has state of art most modern manufacturing units in India which enables it to produce quality cans for textile & yarn industries with full control and monitoring process. Jumac has a global presence in 18 countries as a major exporter of Sliver Cans & Spinning Cans. Jumac has been a top sliver can exporter for more than three decades with manufacturing and delivering on-demand cans for the textile industry. Jumac is a leading can manufacturer which offers best cans for textile and jute industries across the major production houses across world.

Handling yarns with care since 1974.

JUMAC, pioneer’s in spinning can manufacturing in India, was founded in the year 1974 with a mission to deliver quality cans, catering to the Jute & Textile Industry..

With superior quality being it’s core philosophy, Jumac takes pride in it’s most modern state-of-theart manufacturing plant. The entire range of products and accessories are made in-house enabling full control & monitoring of the process.

As a founding member of the prestigious ‘Fogla Group’, Jumac has its presence in more than 18 countries spread across 5 continents.Sharing the values of the nation’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, Jumac leverages on Skill, Scale and Speed to create its future roadmap.

Over last 4 decades, one thing that has been constant in JUMAC is Change. JUMAC has always transformed as an Organization and embraced change and the fast growing demand of innovation in the Industry. Given below are some of the game changing moments in our growth story.

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