Fresh food, now traceable.

The future of food is here. When you buy from us, you get to know exactly when & where your farm-fresh produce was harvested, or milk collected.

All you gotta do is scan the QR code on the pack.

​It gets even better. With A2 Milk, you also get to download a report of 35 lab tests conducted on that batch of milk. We do these tests everyday.

Get yourself some traceable food, and trace it right back to its origin. You’ll never want to go back.

Biggest Agricultural Revolution of our times.

To make your food traceable from its source to your doorstep, we connect you directly with farmers. That way, we get to pick the best of their harvest, and track it closely at every step.

We work with farmers who grow their crops using cutting-edge farming techniques. With clean groundwater, zero synthetic pesticides, and natural fertilisers. The fruits & veggies you get are always fresh, straight from the farm, and completely free of harmful chemicals.

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