What began as a humble advertising agency in 2011, has added numerous tangents to the romantic growth story.

Starting with placing customized radio advertisements for our clients, we have spread our wings into television advertisements, cinema vertical & outdoor marketing initiatives.

Excellent publicity has earned an envious reputation in the advertisement segment for creating, nurturing and enhancing brands like never before. Personalized and distinguishing advertisement coupled with creative ideas served at value pricing- has been the hallmark of our services.

The ever growing set of satisfied customer base has found as an able partner in their success rather than just another service provider.

Our approach towards promotional campaign begins with the end in the view. We get involved with the client right from planning, purchase decisions, the right mix of media, addition of creative elements and attaining the goals of the campaign, monitoring and to sum it up, enhancing the brand value.

Our services come with an Excellent Punch backed by qualitative research, competitive analysis, understanding of the local culture and ethos and extensive grilling to the creative appeal.

Media Planning

Our expert team teams up with the clients to understand their needs and expectations from a campaign. Once the objectives are clear, careful budgeting is done. Further, various media options are explored depending on the target segment, the local ethos, and the comprehensive research conducted. The process reveals as to audience reach in terms of numbers, ad vehicles, frequency of ads, timing of the day, resource allocation to each advertisement medium and likes.

Media Buying

The number of impressions the campaign makes defines its’ success. We assist our clients in procuring the accurate inventory that delivers the targeted impressions. With our social contacts and the industrial presence over the years, we help our clients strike reasonable deals for ad vehicles and securing prime time slots in order to garner maximum attention. Radio station formats, pricing, demographics etc play a vital role in the decision making process.

Creative Design Solutions

Your media time slot is precious & you have much less to garner the eyeballs and the attention. To accomplish the objective of the campaign, your content has to be catchy, elegant and convey the message intended. Be it selection of voices, colour combinations, structuring of the ad movie, ad jingle or the overall content, Excellent Publicity has the expertise in serving our clients the best. We also make the most of the technology to analyze and monitor the effectiveness.

Product Launch and Brand Building Ideation

Excellent Publicity has in-house event management team to arrange for the robust product launches that allows the product to gather the momentum and publicity right from the word go. It is not merely an event, but a process that facilitates the initial interactions with potential customers and seeks to put across as much information as possible. The event also creates a “Wow” factor for the product and also enhances the image of the client organization.

This helps in the overall brand building and hence must be strategically addressed. We join hands with clients to match product capabilities with market demands, product positioning, launch timing etc.

Brand Consultation

In the overall process of our consulting, we retain brand building as the core of all our activities and promotional representations. Our tasks are targeted towards distinguishing our clients’ products and services as a unique player in their respective industry. Our activities towards brand building are backed by extensive positioning studies, competitive analysis, and qualitative research which we conduct for our clients. Our forte lies in building a brand that symbolizes trust and distinct identity.

Interactive Idea:

Brainstorming not only enhances an idea or a concept, it throws light into the nitty-gritties of the concept and exposes the pros’ and cons’. We bring out more of such meetings and sessions to understand vague topics and ways to exhibit the best of the ideas as promotional vehicle. Our interaction leads to marketing campaigns that can inspire the consumers, persuade, mock, instigate so that they make a purchase decision. But in all of the cases, they interact with the audience. We, at Excellent Publicity believe in creating the best advertisement ideas that speak positively with the audience and generate sales.

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