Medical Equipment Manufacturer – EPMD is a leading manufacturer of high-end Surgical Lights & Electrosurgical Generators in India since 1991. We provided a wide range of Electrosurgical Units, LED Surgical Lights & Medical Equipment manufacturing company in India.

Eclipse Prism Medical Devices (EPMD) Group is a family owned group that is into manufacturing and distribution of high tech medical devices for almost 30 years. The name EPMD was adopted in July 2020 out of amalgamation of two of our group manufacturing companies, Eclipse Instrumentation (I) Pvt. Ltd. and Prism Surgicare Pvt. Ltd. We focus on products used inside the operation theatre by surgeons. Our core area of focus has been on Electrosurgery via our brand Eclipse, and on surgical lighting and imaging via our brand Prism. We also package our products with a relevant complementary products sourced through a network of high quality exclusive suppliers. Today we have over 20000 satisfied users in India (more than 20% of the total surgical workforce) who have used product developed by our Group.

With 30 years of experience of development and manufacturing of such high tech medical devices, we also offer our expertise via Custom Product Development projects and Contract manufacturing activities for our OEM partners.

Eclipse is considered as the pioneer in Electrosurgery in India. Started in 1992, today we have over 15000 users who have used our electrosurgical units. With an initial focus of our products on Urology, we have now a series of products that cater to a wide range of clinical specialties such as Gynecology, General Surgery, Gastroenterology, Neuro-surgery, cardiac surgery, orthopedic procedures, etc. The technical competence of our products ranges from basic Monopolar and bipolar applications, to advanced Monopolar and bipolar applications such as endo-cut, vessel sealing etc. under different mediums such as water, saline, glycerin, etc.

Our latest product series Cresta energy platform comes with up to 4 independent instrument ports and outputs. We have various versions of the Cresta platform depending on the clinical requirement of the end user. Our generators have the flexibility that they can be calibrated onsite as per the brand of ESU instrument that is used by the surgeon. We also provide a series of adapters / cables if required to attach the instrument to the generator.

Prism Surgicare was started in 2011 with a vision to develop India’s first LED based shadow-less surgical light. Today with over 1500 successful installations across the country, Prism has substantiated the initial vision and is now looking at further products involving high-tech knowhow of medical lighting and imaging. Our research and development team headed by Dr. Rohan Nagare, one of India’s top lighting scientist, is looking at delivering products beyond illumination for vision and going into product involving light therapy for clinical applications.

We have the privilege of working with some of the leading Clinicians in India belonging to various faculties such as neurology, pediatrics, oncology etc. to clinically test our innovative products. We have a global vision for the company and are looking to create products for lighting that go well beyond lighting for vision.

Our manufacturing facilities are ISO 13485 certified (currently under MDD, soon will get approval for MDR). We have a panel of clinicians attached to us for all our clinical testing and product validations. We have a R&D setup in house that is focused on understanding the clinical requirement and designing the medical device accordingly. We have tied up with strategic partners who help us in rapid prototyping for our design and development team. We do our own software development, with only certain specialized support from our selected partners.

Apart from our products, we also offer services in CRAM, technology development and transfer and OEM manufacturing. Any product development that we undertake is taken after understanding the testing requirement for the product and it is taken into consideration right from the design phase.

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