Camelot Kona Fishing Charters

Join us for deep sea, big game Hawaii fishing charters off the beautiful Kona coast

Captain Robert offers a kid-friendly environment, where families are always welcome

Create your own customized charter with Camelot fishing and include whale watching, snorkeling, and swimming with dolphins

Target world class blue marlin, ono, mahi mahi, ahi, spearfish, and many others on your Kona, Hawaii charter

With more than 40 years in the Kona fishing business, Captain Robert is recognized as one of the best fishermen in Hawaii

Do you want to create your own Hawaii fishing legend? If so, join Captain Robert Hudson, a legend in his own right, as you target some of the biggest game fish in the world with Camelot Sportfishing in beautiful Kona, Hawaii. Captain Robert, son Chris, and crew have won countless sportfishing tournaments over the last 40 years, and have a reputation for attracting the BIG fish every fisherman dreams about.

If you’re a serious angler, then many of the fish we catch are undoubtedly on your bucket list – from world-class blue marlin to the rare spearfish. Our Kona fishing charters put you front-and-center in some of the most productive waters anywhere in the world. Additionally, no other captain and crew in the Kailua Kona-based Honokohau Harbor has caught more trophy game fish than the Camelot.

We are a family-run local Kona business, and we will cater to the needs of your family. When you fish with us, you will find members of our family are always on the boat, because family is what fishing is really all about.

Family Friendly Fishing Boat

We are also proud to cater to families with children, because we know how important it is to share our love of fishing with our kids. Even if your son or daughter has never held a fishing pole, we will give them the attention and care they need to start catching their own fish in no time. We are always professional, courteous, and fully understand how important positivity is to your overall experience.

We can even fish for some of the smaller ocean dwellers that are commonly caught off the Kona Coast, so that even the youngest kids in your family can enjoy their fishing experience.

You can also turn any of our Hawaii fishing charters into a customized adventure with activities that include snorkeling, whale watching, or swimming with dolphins in beautiful Kealakekua Bay at the Captain Cook Monument. When you book one of our Hawaii fishing charters, it’s your boat for the day, and we want you to have a good time and enjoy everything Kona has to offer.

Some Facts about The Fish We Catch on Our

Camelot Kona Fishing Charters

The Kona coast off of the big island of Hawaii is renowned for its deep sea, big game sport fish. Many world records have been claimed in these famed waters, and all of our Kona fishing trips offer the chance to claim another chart topper. What follows is a brief overview of some of the fish we target on our Kona fishing charters.

Striped and Blue Marlin – Marlin are the granddaddy of all the big Hawaii game fish, and the ultimate test for any serious fishing enthusiast. These monsters will run, jump, and thrash throughout the battle, so it takes a combination of strength and focus to bring them to the boat. When fighting a big Kona marlin, Captain Robert will work with you, maneuvering the boat while you play the fish, constantly communicating so that you ultimately prove victorious.

Mahi Mahi – Also called dolphin or dorado, depending on where you’re fishing, these beautiful fish offer a challenge on both heavy and light line. Mahi mahi are fast, and they grow to some truly huge sizes off the Kona coast of Hawaii. These bruisers commonly leap from the water in aerobatic displays that will leave your jaw on the deck of the boat.

Ono – These fish are also called wahoo, and are one of the fastest fish in the world, reaching speeds of almost 80 miles per hour. Fishing for these Kona speedsters is a highlight for many people that take our Hawaii charters.

Ahi – Also known as yellowfin tuna, fishing one of these brutes will test any anglers strength and endurance. There is always the possibility of catching a monster sized ahi on any of our Kona fishing charters, and this is a fish that should be on every serious fisherman’s list of must-catch species.

Customize Your Own Trip When You Visit Kona

By allowing you and your family to customize your trip with other popular Kona, Hawaii activities, we make it possible for everyone to enjoy their day on the water. The Kona coast is known for incredible whale watching, dolphin encounters, and some of the finest snorkeling in the world at the Captain Cook Monument.

When you book one of our Hawaii charters, we can enjoy any activity you want, so be sure to discuss your options with Captain Robert and customize your own trip when you visit Kona.

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