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5 reasons why you might want to consider copper gutters

When looking to install seamless gutters on your home, there are a variety of materials that are available to choose from. AA Gutter Services installs Aluminum, Galvanized Aluminum and Copper gutters. Why would somebody choose to install copper gutters on their home? Here are 5 reasons why a homeowner might want copper gutters.

Durability: Copper gutters can last for up to 50 years on average but could last even longer in some instances. Copper gutters are made to withstand changes in environments from extreme heat to intense rainstorms and strong winds without sustaining damage. The material is much thicker and heavier than aluminum gutters. For example, 1 lb of .027 gauge aluminum coil makes roughly 2 feet of gutter through a machine, whereas 1 lb of copper coil makes only 1 foot of gutter.
Aesthetic appeal: AA Gutter Services can install either 6” K Seamless, 7” K Seamless or 6” Half Round gutters in copper. Copper gutters offer a classy look and enhanced curb appeal. They can increase the value of your home. Over time, the gutters will acquire a greenish patina that will enhance the custom look achieved only by natural copper. Some homeowners use this as a statement piece on their home to stand out from the crowd. Copper gutters look better with age, whereas other gutters do not.

Low maintenance: Copper is resistant to corrosion, growth of moss, mold, mildew, and fungi. The natural patina that develops on a copper gutter also offers additional durability against extreme sources of heat. Due to their enhanced durability, there are far fewer gutter repairs.

Copper is recyclable: unlike other materials, copper is sustainable and eco-friendly. After gutters have reached the ends of their lifespan, the copper can be recycled and repurposed into other useful items.

Increased value: Copper gutters demand a high market value due to the aforementioned attributes. The raw material is also quite expensive. If you plan to sell your property a few decades down the line, a copper rain gutter system will make the whole properly more marketable for future buyers and tenants due to their durability, look, and quality.

In summary, copper gutters will enhance the value of a home, provide a fantastic, customized look that will only get better with time. If you’re interested in a free consultation with one of our experts to see if a copper gutter system is a good fit for your home, please contact us to set up an estimate.

5 Reasons why downspout placement is important
Adding seamless gutters to your home is a great way to manage the water that falls on your property, but the gutter is only one part of the gutter system. The downspout placements are equally important and having a properly designed gutter system to effectively manage the water and divert it away from problem areas around the home.

Proper downspout placement is essential in leading the water away from your home to the appropriate designated areas. Most people don’t want the downspout’s to dump rain water right into their pool, on to their patio, close to a crawl space, into garden’s/flower beds etc. This can be mitigated with proper downspout placement. Improperly placed downspouts can destroy your landscaping, flood your basement, and cause erosion issues with your home’s foundation.

If there are not enough downspouts, and they are not spaced properly, then the gutters can easily get overwhelmed with water which will cause a cascade and overflow of the gutter. While no gutter will catch 100% of water in heavy/hurricane storms, a properly designed system will handle most rains and prevent water overflowing the gutters.

Properly spaced downspouts will prevent undue stress on the gutters which can be caused when gutters get overloaded with water. 1 gallon of water weights roughly 8 lbs, and 1 foot of a standard 6” K Seamless Gutter is roughly 1 gallon. You can see how this weight can add up quickly in a heavy rain. If there are not enough downspouts to allow for the water to escape, the weight can cause the gutters to sag, deform, and eventually pull away from the house.

Proper downspout placement will prevent gutter repairs and lead to less gutter maintenance over time.
Downspouts should always be positioned in a manner to direct the water away from the foundation of the home. Another option is to add an extension to the bottom of the downspout to get the water even further from the foundation of your house

The general rule of them we strive for at AA Gutter Services is to have one downspout every 30 linear feet. This guideline can change based on the pitch of the roof, if there is a valley that will funnel additional water to a smaller section of roof line, or if there are multiple rooflines where an upper roof drains on to a lower roof.

Our experts will help design a system that will effectively manage the water coming from your home. Please contact us to request a free estimate for an effective system to manage the rainfall on your home!

Four types of gutter hangers commonly used

Seamless Gutter Installation requires a hanger to affix the gutter to the home. There are a few options of hangers which can be used for seamless gutter installation. The below options are highlight our recommended hanger type per application and highlights a dated gutter hanging method that we don’t recommend.

Hidden Hangers – The hidden hanger is widely regarded as the best type of fastener for seamless gutter installation. This is the industry standard. Installers place the hidden hanger inside of the gutter horizontally. The hanger slides under the front lip of the profile and clips over the back of the gutter, then a screw is driven through the hanger, piercing the back of the gutter and affixing the gutter to the fascia board. They are called hidden hangers because there are not visible from the ground when looking at the gutters. They are ideal for areas that experience heavy rains. AA Gutter Services utilizes a stainless-steel hidden hanger to ensure that the hangers will not rust overtime and will keep the gutter securely installed on the home.

Brackets and straps – These gutter hangers are typically used for half round gutters. They wrap around the gutter from the lip to the back of the gutter and are screwed into the fascia board. These hangers offer great resistance against temperature and weather shifts, but they require expert installation. These hangers are among the most difficult to install, especially if the fascia board is not flat.

Rafter tail hangers – Rafter tail hangers are only used when the home has exposed rafter tails as a decorative detail and there is no fascia board present. A rafter tail hanger comes in two pieces. One piece goes into the gutter, and then a shank is screwed to the rafter. The shank and the other section are then screwed together to mount the gutter. These hangers also require a skilled professional for proper installation since each application is slightly different.

Spikes and Ferrules – This method of affixing a gutter to a home is the most dated form and is the most common cause of older gutter repairs. The installation is done by driving a spike into a metal tube across the gutter, piercing the back of the gutter, and driving into the fascia board behind the gutter. These hangers can contribute to the early deterioration of the fascia and have increase vulnerability to expansion and contraction from freeze and thaw cycles. It is common that gutters hung with this method, will pull away from the roof over time, especially if there is a lack of downspouts in the gutter system. AA Gutter Services does not recommend this type of hanger since it is prone to gutter sagging over time.

Our experts will help design a system that will with longevity in mind. We only use the highest quality products to ensure a proper installation. Please contact us to request a free estimate for an effective system to manage the rainfall on your home!

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