No compromise possible on law and order in the state : Akhilesh Yadav

No compromise possible on law and order in the state : Akhilesh Yadav

No compromise possible on law and order in the state : Akhilesh Yadav
No compromise possible on law and order in the state : Akhilesh Yadav

Senior officers should keep an eye on quality of development work as also seriously monitor law and order

District administration should ensure immediate intimation of any incident to senior officers

Officers on field posting must improve their functioning according to the priorities of the Government

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. Akhilesh Yadav on Tuesday said that there cannot be any compromise on law and order in the state and pointed out that the functioning of the administrative officers reflected on the state government, both in negative and positive manner. He added that it was henceforth imperative on the divisional and district officers that they keep a watchful eye on development work and also closely monitor the law and order and contribute to making it better. He assured officers that his government would protect hard working and honest officers and strict action would be initiated against callous and the inefficient.

The Chief Minister was speaking at a meeting of senior administrative and police officers at the Tilak Hall in the state assembly building. Exhorting the officers to ensure that welfare and development schemes of the government reach the people, the CM also urged district officers to monitor quality of work in roads and other infrastructure projects and take action in case quality is compromised or reports of graft reach them.

Alluding to the size of the state as per population, Mr. Yadav also said that U.P. was significant for its political sensitivities and people all over follow events in the state closely. It was hence imperative on the district officers that no incident takes place that taints the image of the state and the government. Seeking tough measures to curb crime, the Chief Minister also sought prompt action in cases of unfortunate events taking place anywhere.

Efforts, he added, should be immediately made to gather all information of such events and take immediate actions in the follow up. Referring to many incidents, including that of Budaun and Kannauj, the Chief Minister rued that prompt action should have been taken in these incidents but was not taken. Urging officers to create a system wherein all officers immediately pass on information to seniors, the CM said this can only happen with better coordination and complete control on subordinates.

Informing of his recent surprise inspection of Shrawasti, Mr. Yadav said that people generally give the best feedback on district officers and inform of their style of functioning. During his visit to Shrawasti, the Chief Minister recalled, how the district magistrate and other officers were not fully aware of development works underway in the district. In such situations, the agencies executing schemes and project succeed in compromising on quality, the Chief Minister pointed out while seeking an overhaul of work style of field officers in sync with priorities of the state government.

The Chief Minister while saying that the role of the state government and administration was to help and assist people, he underlined the need of better handling of their interaction with the people as it reflects in a big way on the state government itself. He also sought a direct communication channel which will, he added, automatically take care of many existing malaises in the system. He also called for better holding of Tehsil and Samadhan Diwas. He also warned that criminal acts like smuggling of milch cattle, illegal mining and crime against women should be curbed effectively.

Before this, Deputy Chairman of the State Planning Commission Mr. Naveen Chandra Bajpai informed that in the last two years the state’s development rate was ahead of the national average. He further informed that the national rate of development in 2012-13 was 4.8 per cent while UP’s in the corresponding period was 5.9 per cent. Similarly, in 2013-14 the national rate of development was 4.2 while that of UP was 5.2 per cent. He also sought an increase in this rate.

Speaking at the meeting, Chief Secretary Mr. Alok Ranjan said that maintaining of law and order was one of the top priorities of the state government and said that stringent action should be taken against policemen not registering FIR’s. Mr. Ranjan also called for a ‘zero tolerance’ policy towards crimes against women.

The Chief Secretary also issued instructions for surprise inspections of jails and said in such cases the competent authorities should not wait for directions from higher ups. Mr. Alok Ranjan also stressed on the need of assimilation of information technology and SMS facility in day to day working of officers and asked them to be present in their offices between 10 a.m. to 12 noon. He also issued specific instructions on Lohia Gram Yojna, Lohia Aawas, sanitation programmes and improvement in availability of potable water and power supply.

Principal Secretary (Home) Mr. Deepak Singhal, Director General of Police (DGP) Mr. AL Banerjee also expressed their views on crime control and law and order.
Also present at the meeting were Chairman of the Revenue Board Mr. Anoop Mishra, APC Mr. VN Garg, Principal Secretary to CM; Mr. Rakesh Garg, Mrs. Anita Singh, Principal Secretary (Information) Mr. Navneet Sehgal, Director (Information) Dr. Roopesh Kumar, senior officers from all over the state. The meeting was conducted by Deputy Director of Information Department Dr. Ashok Kumar Sharma.

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