03 दिसम्बर, 2014 को उत्तर प्रदेश के मुख्यमंत्री श्री अखिलेश यादव नई दिल्ली में केन्द्रीय ऊर्जा एवं कोयला राज्यमंत्री स्वतंत्र प्रभार श्री पीयूष गोयल से विचारविमर्श करते हुए।

Chief Minister Mr. Akhilesh Yadav meets the Union Minister of State for Coal and Power

03 दिसम्बर, 2014 को उत्तर प्रदेश के मुख्यमंत्री श्री अखिलेश यादव नई दिल्ली में केन्द्रीय ऊर्जा एवं कोयला राज्यमंत्री स्वतंत्र प्रभार श्री पीयूष गोयल से विचारविमर्श करते हुए।
03 दिसम्बर, 2014 को उत्तर प्रदेश के मुख्यमंत्री श्री अखिलेश यादव नई दिल्ली में केन्द्रीय ऊर्जा एवं कोयला राज्यमंत्री स्वतंत्र प्रभार श्री पीयूष गोयल से विचारविमर्श करते हुए।

Chief Minister requests Union government to extend all possible help to state in the power sector

State Government working seriously to tide over the power crisis : Chief Minister

State government working to ensure that rural areas get minimum 16 hour power and urban areas get 22-24 hours electricity from October 2016

Allocated quantity of coal should be provided to power generation plants in the state

Power generation units, despite MoUs are faced with great difficulty owing to non approval of coal linkages

Request made for inclusion of the remaining 11 districts under the RGGVY

Request made for financial assistance of Rs. 7,000 crore to establish separate feeders for the agriculture sector and Rs. 2,000 for installation of electricity metres in rural areas Rs. 6,000 crore sought for the power distribution network

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. Akhilesh Yadav has requested for support from the Union Government for the power sector in the state.He said that the State Government was making serious efforts to tide over the power crisis in the state and with this in mind, the Government of India should wholeheartedly support the state government.He further added that the state governmet was working towards ensuring that by October 2016, the rural areas get a minimum power supply of 16 hours and the urban areas anywhere between 22-24 hours.

The Chief Minister was deliberating upon a host of issues facing the state’s power sector at a meeting with the Union Minister of State for Power and Coal Mr. Piyush Goyal at New Delhi today.During the meeting discussions also took place on power generation, transmission and distribution. Mr. Yadav requested the union minister to ensure coal availability for power plants in the state so that they can work to their optimum. Giving figures, the Chief Minister said coal as per linkages was not being provided to Anpra, Obra, Harduaganj, Parichha and Panki power plants and the production was hence suffering.

He also requested that coal should be stocked in advance at power generation plants before the monsoon so that its supply is not affected and power supply is maintained. Stressing on the need of providing power supply as per allocation made from the central pool, the Chief Minister pointed out that this was not being done as of now. Mr. Yadav also requested the union minister to enhance the power supply to the state from the Dadri power plant from 10 to 40% as the unit was in Uttar Pradesh. Being the home state, UP should definitely get this facility as is being given in other states. In the same manner, based on the requirements of the state the Chief Minister urged that the state be given new coal blocks against the cancelled coal block of Chendipada so that adequate supply of coal may be made to Harduaganj 1×660, Panki 1×660, Meja 2×660 Stage-II Jawaharpur 2×660 and Obra-C 2×660 MW power generation new units.

Referring to the Lalitpur power project being established in the private sector, the Chief Minister said allocation of coal at higher prices would add to the burden of the consumers. With regards to this, the Chief Minister requested for special attention for power generation plants being established so that poor consumers are not hit. Mr. Yadav also requested the union government to direct concerning authorities to provide full quota of coal linkages under the FSA (fuel supply agreement) with the coal ministry. With this, the present policy of coal allocation should also be reviewed, the Chief Minister said, for states that do not have ports, because such states do not get the facility of importing coal at lower rates.

At the meeting, the Chief Minister pointed out that due to the non approval of coal linkages for MOU based power generatrion plants, the state was faced with serious difficulties. Because of this while the developer companies were not able to pay their financial liabilities, the projects are getting inordinately delayed. No availability of coal linkages is also hurting the investor morale which is adversely affecting the state’s economy. This is no new information that the state faces a paucity of 2500-4500 MW power during peak period. The state government is working overtime to ensure bridging of this gap and is working to provide 24-hour power supply by 2019-20. The MoU route could be a significant factor to end the power problems in the state and hence the union government should immediately ensure that coal linkages are provided for these projects.

The Chief Minister said that by 2016 under Case 1 bidding the state will get 6000 MW additional power for transmission of which strengthening of the corridor is a must. Along with this, the 765 KV Beena ISTS sub-station near Lalitpur also needs to be linked to it. He requested Mr. Goyal with regards to this that necessary instructions be passed on to PGCIL/CTU. With this, the Chief Minister also requested release of Rs. 2635 crore for distribution and transmission works from the power system development fund.

Mr. Yadav said the financial restructuring scheme made by the Power Ministry in October 2012 be reviewed with respect to the present day status because it had to be implemented in 2013-14 though banks considered financial year 2012-13 to be the first year. He also asked for fixing of power tarriff and providing of interest on loans from the national electricity fund. With regards to the RGGVY, under the 12th five year plan, the Chief Minister said that expected cost and tender cost has a difference but despite this there was no provision of increase in the cost of the project. Though the provision has been made in the 10th and 11th five year plan and requested an enhancement of Rs. 1412 crore for 50 projects. Mr. Yadav said that under the 11th plan, 22 districts had been included under this scheme and 64 districts were approved under the 12th plan.Under the 12th plan, he added, marjra’s with more than 100 population have been identified as targets while in the 11th plan this was for 300 population majra’s. The state government has sent a proposal of all 75 districts with majra’s above 100 population, to the union government, but 11 districts have not been assimilated in this, the Chief Minister added. He requested the government of India to include Rs 1000 crore proposals for these 11 districts.

With regards to the Ghatampur Thermal Power Plant (3×660 MW) the Chief Minister sought environmental clearance from the union environment ministry at the earliest and approval by the union government’s estimates committee.The Chief Minister also requested that allocated power block for Sangam Power Generation company be kept as it is for the 2×660 MW Karchana Thermal power plant.

The Chief Minister also apprised the union minister that the state government was working to separate feeders for agriculture and sought Rs. 7000 crore central assistance under the Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojna. In the same way he also requested Rs. 2000 crore for installation of power meters in the rural areas. For extension of the power distribution network in the urban areas under the integrated power development scheme, he sought Rs 6000 crore for the state.

Mr. Yadav also made a pitch for providing of funds, under the restructured accelerated power development and reform programme for Paschimanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam’s Moradabad, Saharanpur, Ghaziabad and Meerut cities by amending the earlier proposals to Rs. 1652 crore, for Poorvanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam’s Varanasi, Allahabad and Gorakhpur cities to Rs. 1941 crore and Rs. 162 crores for smaller towns. With this, Mr. Yadav also requested for release of Rs. 1433 crore for Kanpur city.

The Chief Minister also referred to many non-conventional energy initiatves undertaken in the state and said that problems were cropping up in allocation of land as the union government had set condition to set up a minimum of 500 MW project. He, therefore, requested that instead of a mega project at one place, permission be granted to establish a joint 500 MW project at Jalaun and Jhansi. In the same way, work should be expeditiously taken for the joint venture of NHPC and Neda. It is worth mentioning that Mr. Goyal is New and Renewable Energy Minister of State (Independent Charge) as well.

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